Publications List
Tammy's poetry, articles, interviews, and essays have appeared in literary arts journals, magazines, anthologies, and websites across the nation. 

Villain Songs Book Jacket
*   Villain Songs, ELJ Editions, January 2017
*   R, Seven Kitchens Press, May 2016
* The Vicissitudes, Pearle Publications, 2009

*   Tammy Robacker's Villain Songs , Better View of the Moon Blog,
    Book Review by Karen Craigo, May 2017
*   A Conversation with Jessica Walsh, Tammy Robacker, and Joanna Valente
    Agape Editions, April, 2017
Forgiveness Like a Slow Doe , Agape Editions,
    Book Review on "R" by Jennifer MacBain, March 2017
Carpe Noctem Blog: Tammy Robacker's "R" Chapbook
    Interview by Nicole Ross Rollender, October 2016
Questions for Tammy Robacker , City Arts, Fall 2009

*  Two-Countries: U.S. Daughters and Sons of Immigrant Parents; 
    An Anthology of Flash Memoir, Personal Essays and Poetry
        Kuchen and Cancer
*  In Tahoma's Shadow: Poems from the City of Destiny
    Co-editor, Exquisite Disarray, 2009
        Once Around Wright Park

* The Split: An Examination of the Divided Self in the Poetry of Sexual Trauma, Journal of Poetry Therapy , Fall 2017, sponsored by the National Association of Poetry Therapy. (My MFA Critical Research Paper)
* Soundings, "At-Risk Poetry," Fall 2015
* CALYX Press, Summer 2015
* CALYX Press, "2015
* CITY ARTS Magazine, "Better Medicine," December 2010:
2009 Interview cityartsonline_com.pdf
* SHOWCASE Magazine
* The Weekly Volcano

*Moonsick Magazine, Summer/Fall 2017
      I Know Patrick Swayze
      Sliver of Light
      Tell Us Again How She Died
* Calamus Journal
* Willawaw Journal, Summer 2017
       Mother, Mirror
* ALYSS, July 2017
       Bad Girls
* Coal Hill Review, Spring 2017
         At The Mother-Daughter Tea
* Concis, Spring 2017
        One Saturday Afternoon
​        Perverted Karma         
* Whale Road Review, Spring 2017
       Bumping into My Dead Mother at the German Deli
* Pilgrimage Journal, January 2017
       American Eagles: A Totem
* Blue River Journal, January 2017
       Translating My Oma's Letters
* Ovenbird Poetry, January 2017
* MARY: A Journal of New Writing, December 2016
       Suicide 1979
* Unbroken Journal, January 2017
        Jackson Pollock Paints Pammy T's Daddy
* Sheila-Na-Gig, Winter 2017
        Memory, The Wooded Area
* Crow Hollow 19, October 2016
       My Kind
* Dying Dahlia Review, October 2016
       Naming Ceremony
       What Bird What Brother
*FRiGG, October 2016
        Questions for Ouija
        My Father Does Not Remember
* Jabberwock Review, Fall 2016
        Mother, Morgue
        (2nd Place Winner, The 2016 Nancy D. Hargrove Editor Prize)
* Queen of Cups, October 2016
        In The Armory
        In the Room of Lost Causes
        In the Unlit World   
*Tinderbox, October 2016
* The Indianola Review, Fall 2016
* White Stag , September 2016, The NeoGoddesses Issue
        Learning to Howl
        When Aedos Crawled In
        I Know I Should Not Ask The Terrible Question
* Rose Red Review, Summer 2016
        Brunnhilde's Solo
* Rogue Agent, August 2016, Issue 17
        Hospital Party
* Pittsburgh Poetry Review, June 2016, Issue 3
        American Grandfather       
        Summer of Boys
* Amethyst Arsenic Summer 2016
        Mary Janes
* Thirteen Myna Birds
        Ex Post Facto
        Denial Is a Cavefish
        Fraktur for the Future
* Muse/ A Journal, 2016, Issue 2:
        My Mother Arrives in America, 1969
* The Fem Literary Magazine, 2016:
        The Cuckoo Clock
        Body Mods for the Teenage Girl
* Uppagus, August 2016, Issue 19,
         G ather Round My Dinner Table
* The Lake, March 2016:
* Sein und Werden, March 2016, The Corpus Issue:
* Kettle Blue Review, Spring 2016
         The Mortician Considers
         The Deer in December
* Contrary Magazine, January 2016,
         W itch Cake
* Really System, January 2016,
* Really System, January 2016,
         My Husband Grows a Rose Hybrid...
* A Quiet Courage, December 2015,
         An Experiment
* A Quiet Courage, December 2015,
         Hitler's Pansies
* Chiron Review, Winter 2015,
* Arsenic Lobster, December 2015, Issue 39:
           Good and Evil
          Villain Song for Medusa
          Villain Song for the Penguin
* Yellow Chair Review, December 2015,
* Cascadia Review, Fall 2015,
          4 Poems
* Rat's Ass Review, Winter 2015,
         2 Poems
* Rust + Moth, Winter 2015,
         Reading Rousseau...
* Crab Creek Review, Fall 2015,
* Crab Creek Review, Fall 2014 
         The Mop Commercial
* Synesthesia Literary Journal, Fall 2015
* The Poeming Pigeon, The Food Issue, 2015,
* Menacing Hedge, Fall 2015
         Preparation of the Mummy
         Mad Scientist
         Monsters in the Closet
* Siren Zine
* Fjords Review, Aliens
* VoiceCatcher, Summer 2015
* Duende, May 2015
         Unwash Me
* Canopic Jar, Spring 2015,
        My Satchel
* So To Speak, Spring 2015
        Proud Flesh
* WomenArts Quarterly
* Heroine Zine
* Columbia Magazine
* Up The Staircase Quarterly, Summer 2014
       The Old Red Phone
* Cascadia Review, Fall 2013
* In Tahoma's Shadow
* The Weekly Volcano
* Word Salad
* The Riveter Review 
* The ARK 18
*  Women's Work

"In the dark times
will there also be singing?
Yes, there will also be singing
about the dark times."
Bertolt Brecht